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For many years during discussions with people who may have an interest in Cryonics or Suspended Animation of Life Extension in general, I keep getting the same sorts of questions. The amount of time that I have been spending on these sorts of exercises just keeps going up - it was becoming hard to find time to deal with it all and keep all the other things I was involved in moving along as well - the rent needs to be paid, I need to get some exercise etc etc!

This website is hopefully going to be solution to some of these problems. While the time I spend on longevity-related issues keeps going up, paying work keeps going down . . if I am going to spend so much time on this stuff, I think I will try to get paid for some of it . .

I think a period of time is fast approaching when the numbers of people interested in longevity-related topics is about to skyrocket. People are going to need scientific and evidence-based information to make decisions about both their future “animated” (warm) and “deanimated” (cold) lives. While the prospect of reviving people from liquid nitrogen temperatures in the future is speculative (and will depend on luck to some extent) it is not precluded by any scientific laws and is therefore possible. People without a scientific or medical background (or those with no free time to study the area) can be helped by services such as those which we are creating here.