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Scientific and medical research is advancing rapidly. If this rapid pace continues, people will continue to live longer and healthier lives. More and more people are getting used to the idea that death will, inevitably (except for accidents), become a personal choice. The concept of death itself is becoming very blurred. Not so many decades ago, death was declared when there was no heartbeat. More recently there has been the concept of “brain death”. People are routinely revived after drownings and heart attacks etc. If people were cold at the time of “death” then there is a greater chance of revival. The amount of time from when a person has “died” to the time that they can be revived will continue to expand - eventually to years and decades. People are starting to realise that a new concept of “death” is required - one that takes into account the information in people’s brains.

This revolution in the length of time ordinary people may live happy and productive lives and the possibility that even people who have “died” might be revived by advanced future technologies is causing a profound change in people’s view of the world and how it should work. I believe that if these trends continue, it will be inevitable that these seemingly miraculous things will come to pass. You don’t need to be an expert scientist or doctor to see that this is true - just look look at the broad sweep of science and technology over the last few hundred years and in particular the last fifty years.

If you think you are a person who might be interested in participating in this exciting adventure, please contact us.

Certainly these industries will constitute some of the fastest growing enterprises in the 21st Century but they will also consume vast research resources. We intend to be involved in all aspects of these projects.

Philip Rhoades.